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Data Destruction

Data destruction is THE most important function of our business. Every asset that is received by 2nds IT is sanitised during the test process. There are no exceptions or exclusions; everything is sanitised. If a drive cannot be sanitised it is crushed – no excuses, no compromise. 2nds IT guarantees that all data is wiped to US Department of Defence standards by using US DOD 5220.22M multi-pass wiping system. 2nds IT can issue certificates of sanitisation if required. .

Bin Services
Put a bin in your office or workplace for as little as $45 a month. Keep all those keyboards, mice, cables and media out of the landfill for far less money than general rubbish. Recycle and save.
Comprehensive Collections
From Groote Eylandt to Hobart, from Coffs Harbour to Port Headland 2nds IT collect from anywhere. It’s cheaper than you think. 2nds IT can also collect from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, USA, Canada New Zealand and more. Freight from remote areas is always cost effective.
2nds IT will collect within 24 hours from initial request from all states CBD and 72 hours for remote areas.
ISO Certified
2NDS IT is proud to be currently approved to AS/NZS 5377 E-WASTE & ISO 14001 (Environment) standards. We’re passionate about environmental sustainability..

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