When it comes to I.T disposals, e-waste recycling matters more than ever. Dismantling is still the most eco-responsible way of recycling.
All material can be reduced to metals, plastics, PCB’s, batteries and so on.
All of these materials can be resold or remanufactured. It also requires less energy to remanufacture than to manufacture. 2nds IT performs dismantling on site

Sustainable Efforts

2nds IT is committed to being an environmental advocate. We continually seek opportunities to protect our planet’s resources by reducing electronic waste, conserving energy and water and using recycled products.
All collected IT assets are either reused or recycled. Where computers are deemed unusable they are recycled using various intricate methods to break down materials that would otherwise go to landfill.
Dismantling hardware is still the most eco-responsible way of recycling. We separate metals, plastics, glass, batteries etc. A lot of this waste contains high levels of toxins such as mercury, lead and phosphor which are damaging to our environment.
At the same time, this waste also contains valuable resources that are reusable including copper, iron and nickel. In most cases, it requires less energy to recycle these materials than it takes to produce.
Any material that cannot be reused is dismantled for further processing..


E waste disposal in Sydney is on the peak as last year the Australians residents discarded 1.6 million old computer systems and replace them with 2.4 million latest and fastest systems.
In Australia alone around 5.3 million computer systems are in storage that may never see the sun again.
After very long durations, the hardware that was put in landfills with start breaking down chemically into toxins that contaminate the water and soil. These toxins find way into our lives again as we use this soil and water.
Lead is the most harmful material that contaminates water and soil. It can prove to be fatal.
From a CRT alone, 2 Kgs of lead is released and this lead finds way into our water impacting our children the most.. .

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